Roll your own application

Choose from existing modules created by Miskio, or from 3rd party developed modules. Choose core features plus one module to create a focused usage app or add multiple modules to create a super app. Set your logo, color scheme and other settings and generate application.

Multi Platform, Multi Language Support

Miskio develops using Google Flutter, so Android, iOS, desktop and Web apps are created with the same code. Also, any language, including right to left format

Multiple login methods

Login using Facebook, Google, Linkedin or Twitter accounts

Light and Dark Modes

Users can choose which mode, modules come designed for both

User and Community Views

One of the core features of an app created on Miskio, is user and community accounts. Each has its own settings, for example in a wallet module, users and communities have seperate balances and transactions. In community mode, team members, roles and permissions can be added

QR codes and RFIC/NFC

Modules can use QR codes and NFC/RFID for fast identification and loading of data. For example, The Identifiers module uses this to link any RFID, NFC or QR/bar code to a user or a community


Mini app creation module, lets users create their own mini apps from web URLs, that load dynamically


Create screen tutorials for your users to navigate your app

Custom developed modules

If you don't find a module suited for your use case, we can develop to your specification at a cost of $25 per hour.

About Us

Miskio lets you build your own mobile apps or super apps using ready made modules.

Our Contacts

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+63 (02) 7955 7081
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